Why is Instagram Not Working 2023- Fix it Now

Why is Instagram Not Working 2022- Fix it Now

With more than a billion active users, Instagram stands out among many photos and video-sharing social networks in the world right now. It is extremely well-liked by both individuals and organizations because it excels at providing its customers with standard features.

Recent issues with the Instagram app on users’ smartphones have been widespread. These problems include broken share and profile links, undeliverable or incomplete messages, and more. For all social media enthusiasts, it cannot be particularly pleasant when an app like Instagram stops functioning sometimes. So, how can you resolve the Instagram app issue on your device? 

If you are Fortunate to be reading this fine piece then, using the step by steps suggestions in this blog entry, you may easily resolve this issue.

Even if there are a lot of potential causes for your Instagram issue, you can still resolve it by utilizing one or more of the methods mentioned here.

Let’s look at the solutions now. 

Why is Instagram Not Working 2022- Fix it Now
Why is Instagram Not Working 2022- Fix it Now

Is Instagram not working for you?

Instagram must always be operational because it is a widely used social networking app. However, there are several circumstances in which Instagram won’t function. This can be caused by an issue with your device or with Instagram.

Instagram users frequently report issues with the delivery of messages and broken share links, among other things. You may not be able to fix it anyway if Instagram is down due to a server problem or any other Instagram problem. This tutorial will not try to solve that type of issue either.

However, if the issue is with your Smart device, we can attempt to resolve it. Let’s look at many solutions to the Instagram app not working on your smartphone issue. 

Examine the Instagram outage report.

Since there is one problem that this blog entry is not going to solve, we will start by looking at that so you can save your time and not bother doing anything if your experience on Instagram may be a result of that.

When Instagram won’t operate on your phone, the first thing you should do is check status updates from other countries. The most recent updates are displayed on websites like “Downdetector” and “Outage.report.” 

Examine the Internet connection.

Checking to see if you have a reliable internet connection is the first and most basic way to fix Instagram not working. It is possible that Instagram is functioning normally but your internet is not.

Check the internet connectivity whether you are using Wi-Fi or cellular data. To test for an active internet connection, you can utilize other apps that depend on it or just do a Google search. 

Install the app again

Try this one as well if you are experiencing Instagram down difficulties. You might not be aware of a routine update or a bug repair that has been made to the application. Open the App Store on your iPhone or the Play Store on your Android device. Check Instagram to see if there are any new updates and click “Update.”

Consider resetting Instagram if it continues to malfunction even after that.

Here, resetting does not entail a fresh installation. Instead, you must remove any unneeded data and delete the cache.

Android users should go follow the steps below to work on resetting Instagram.

  •  Settings > 
  • Manage Apps > 
  • Instagram 
  • Clear Data > 
  • Clear the Cache by long pressing. 


  • You must go to Settings > 
  • App & Notifications > 
  • Instagram > 
  • Storage > 
  • Clear Cache on some phones.

iPhone: Restart your device and download the most recent version of the app. However, it is not feasible to reset the Instagram app on iPhone, therefore you would have to remove and reinstall the program.

The aforementioned process can assist in deleting corrupt files that tend to impede Instagram’s efficient operation. You can try logging into your account once again in the hopes that it will work. 

Try the online version of Instagram.

One of the best solutions to the issue of Instagram not functioning on your device is to try this. You frequently can’t use your Instagram account effectively because of issues with the Instagram app.

However, this issue can be swiftly resolved by logging into your Instagram account through a web browser. If you experience an issue with your Instagram app, give this fix a shot and see if it helps. The web extension still functions perfectly well like your normal Instagram thus you don’t need to worry about anything. give this fix a shot and leave a comment telling us how you see it.

Account on Instagram is restricted or blocked

To effectively utilize the Instagram app, you must adhere to a few key restrictions you accepted while registering on the platform.

Some of them are rather clear-cut, while others may be a little murkier. For instance, you are only permitted to follow or unfollow 200 accounts every day at the most.

These kinds of restrictions are also imposed by other programs, like Twitter. Anyhow, if the “We Limit How Often” sign shows when you try to submit pictures, videos, tales, or send messages to other users, read our tutorial where we go into more detail on this subject. 

Restarting your Device

It could appear to be a typical method of fixing gadget issues, yet it almost always works. Try restarting your device and reopening the Instagram app if you’re experiencing issues.

You can then address any problems that are hurting your device and preventing Instagram from functioning. 

Reach out to the Instagram Support Team. 

For the community and the support team to come up with an effective solution, you should report any issues you are having to them.

You should try this remedy if any previous report fixes didn’t work for you.

To reach our support team, please adhere to these three steps:

  • By selecting the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of your profile, you can modify your profile’s settings;
  • Next, select Settings, then scroll down until you find the “Help” option; 
  • You can do so there if you want to directly address Instagram about your situation.
  • The support button can also be found on Instagram’s website in the bottom right corner. 


Instagram is a very well-known social media platform with more than 2 billion active users. Users can upload and share photographs and videos with their subscribers.

Instead of using text, it is a novel approach to communicating. Despite being widely used and successful, Instagram, like other popular networking apps, occasionally runs into problems.

Users frequently report difficulties sending messages, and getting errors when logging in, or sharing links. If Instagram is not functioning, it is bothersome and frustrating. So, in this article, we looked at several typical troubleshooting techniques to address the Instagram not working issue. 

We hope by now your Instagram account is back working well after reading our fix. You can comment on any other method you used in fixing your Instagram account that is not recorded in this article.

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