How to Fix Samsung TV Plus not Available due to Network Problem

How to Fix Samsung TV Plus not Available due to Network Problem

When it comes to streaming entertainment, Samsung TV Plus has established itself as a quick and cost-free way to access a broad variety of material. However, you may occasionally see the vexing message “Samsung TV Plus not available due to network problem.” Don’t worry; in this tutorial, we’ll look into the causes of this problem and offer step-by-step fixes to get you back to watching your favorite shows and channels.

Understanding “Samsung TV Plus Not Available due to Network Problem”

Imagine settling in for an evening of enjoyment, only to discover that Samsung TV Plus is unavailable due to a network outage. This message indicates that your TV is having trouble establishing a stable connection to the Samsung TV Plus servers. While it can be frustrating, there are several steps you can take to resolve the issue and ensure uninterrupted streaming.

Troubleshooting Steps

Check Internet Connection

Begin with the fundamentals before getting into advanced solutions. Check that your television is correctly linked to the internet. Check your Wi-Fi settings to ensure a strong and steady connection. For greater dependability, utilize a connected Ethernet connection if feasible.

Restart Your Router and TV

A simple reset may sometimes do wonders. Turn off your router and TV, then wait a few seconds before turning them back on. This may be used to refresh network connections and frequently overcomes minor connectivity difficulties.

Verify Samsung TV Plus Availability

Check to see if Samsung TV Plus is available in your area. Some services may be banned in specific places, resulting in the “not available” indication. Check the Samsung website or user manual for regional availability.

Update TV Firmware

Outdated firmware can sometimes lead to compatibility issues with streaming services. Make sure your TV’s firmware is up-to-date. Manufacturers often release updates that include performance improvements and bug fixes.

Advanced Solutions

Factory Reset Your TV

If the problem persists, you might attempt to do a factory reset on your television. This should only be used as a last option because it will delete all of your unique settings and preferences. For information on how to do a factory reset, consult your TV’s user manual.

Preventive Measures

Consider the following methods to avoid future instances of the “Samsung TV Plus not available due to network problem” error:

  • Regular Updates: To maintain compatibility with streaming services, keep your TV’s firmware up to current.
  • Network Maintenance: Check and maintain your home network regularly to ensure peak performance.
  • Router Positioning: Keep your router in a central location to provide equal coverage across your home.
  • Strong signal: If using Wi-Fi, make sure your TV is within range of the router to maintain a strong signal.


While seeing the notification “Samsung TV Plus not available due to network problem” might aggravate, it is a fixable problem with the approach. You may enjoy continuous streaming and make the most of your Samsung TV Plus experience by following the troubleshooting procedures provided in this tutorial and adopting preventive actions.

Frequently Asked Questions about “Samsung TV Plus Not Available Due to Network Problem”

What is the meaning of the notification “Samsung TV Plus is not available due to a network problem”?

This notice indicates a problem with connectivity between your TV and the Samsung TV Plus servers. It is frequently caused by network instability.

How can I resolve the network issue with Samsung TV Plus?

Begin by verifying your internet connection, resetting your router and TV, and ensuring your TV’s firmware is up-to-date. If the issue persists, consider a factory reset as a last resort.

Can I prevent this issue from happening in the future?

Yes, you can take preventive measures like keeping your firmware updated, maintaining your home network, and ensuring your router’s optimal placement.

Is the issue specific to my TV model or region?

The issue can occur on various TV models and might be related to regional restrictions. Check the Samsung website or user manual for more information.

Will a factory reset erase all my settings?

Yes, a factory reset will restore your TV to its default settings, erasing any custom settings you’ve configured. Use this option as a last resort.

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