Whoop 6.0 Release Date, Rumours and Price

Whoop 6.0 Release Date, Rumours and Price

Hey, do you use Whoop 6.0 and have fallen in love with the product? I am saying this because most of the products I fall in love with I always check to see when they will be released and what the updated features may be. If you are here, then you are like me. I will be showing you in this blog post What Whoop 6.0 is, what the new features are going to look like, and what the release date is going to be. Are you happy about this news?! You should! Because the update on this new Whoop 6.0 will sweep you off your feet! Though the focus is more on the software update than the firmware, the Whoop 6.0 smartwatch is going to be a force to reckon with in the market when it is released.

Whoop 6.0 Release Date, Rumours and Price
Whoop 6.0 Release Date, Rumours and Price

What to Expect in Whoop 5.0:

If you are wondering what updates are going to be made to this latest smartwatch, you do not need to look any further than you have reached here. These are some of the expected updates or wishlists for Whoop 5.0:

Sleeker Design:

  • More compact, bracelet-like form.
  • Addition of a physical button for various functions.

Enhanced Sensor Technology:

  • Improved sensors, possibly including blood pressure tracking.
  • Potential for metrics like hydration, alcohol, lactate, glucose, and UV measurements.

Real-Time Metrics and Altimeter:

  • Inclusion of real-time body temperature and blood oxygen measurements.
  • Addition of an altimeter for tracking floors climbed.

Improved Strain Assessment for Weight Training:

  • Integration of Push’s algorithms for accurate strain tracking.
  • Introduction of a strength training logbook.

Built-In GPS and Performance Stats:

  • Built-in GPS for workout tracking without a smartphone.
  • Performance-oriented statistics to compete with sports watches.

Smart Wake-Up and Customizable Journal:

  • Smart wake-up feature aligned with sleep cycles.
  • Customizable journal for tagging behaviors and understanding sleep and recovery patterns.

Compatibility with Third-Party Devices:

Just like its fellow competitors in the market, we expect that the Whoop 5.0 should be compatible with other third-party apps.

Extended Battery Life:

  • Aim for approximately a week of usage without compromising on new features.

These are some of the cool updated features to expect from the soon-to-be-release Whoop 5.0. I will be sharing with you also the rumour release date so do not bail out on me right now. Follow me to the end to see more about your favorite Smart Watch.

Whoop 6.0 Release Date

To tell you when this smartwatch will be released, it is good that I take you through the timeline of how they released their products. They do not have a specific month and time like that of the Apple convention where all their products will be launched but still, Whoop left a pattern that we can predict the next release from it. So, what is the timeline of their release of other products so far? Whoop 6.0 Release Timeline:

  • Whoop 1.0 (2015)
  • Whoop 2.0 (2016)
  • Whoop 3.0 (May 2019)
  • Whoop 4.0 (September 2021)
  • Whoop 5.0 (Expected between 2023 and 2024)

The first Whoop product which is the 1.0 was released for athletes only before they released the 2.0 which saw the general public using it too. Ever since then, the Whoop Smart Watch has been available for both professional athletes and the general public to use. As to when Whoop 6.0 will be released, that is still a subject of guessing by the public, and the best guess may be the winner. The date is a guarded top secret at Whoops and no one knows exactly when it will be released. But I will urge you to always check back here as we will update this post with the right date when it is made known to the public. For now, the speculative date is that it will be released in early 2025 or late 2024. We still have a few days left before the end of the year so let’s hope that we will see it released before we cross over to a new 2025. Whatever it is, we will be here to keep you guys updated on any latest developments at Whoops.


While the exact release date is still a matter of mere speculation and no one knows when the actual date is, we are hoping that from their past releases the iteration that follows still stands and we will see the release of the 5.0 within this timeline. Let us have high hopes and be patiently waiting as the new slang says; “let them cook” I am sure if they are taking this long to release they are cooking something nice! We are looking forward to whatever it is that they are cooking.

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